For over two decades, Shannon Black has served as an inspired standard in an ever-changing floral industry. As an established floral designer with long-standing relationships her services communicate to the personal taste and vision of each of her clients.

Shannon creates unique floral creations.  Her shashie designs are medleys of flowers & textured plants that appeal to the eye. Monochromatic or a kaleidoscope of freshness mixed with accents that heightens the sense of playfulness, style, & spirit.

Along with florals, botanicals is another passion.  It is not just about improving an indoor and outside aesthetic, it is about creating a healthy environment. Plants help to provide clean air, boost moods, enhances concentration and memory. 
The interior of a residence or business using the beauty of nature helps bring the outdoors in. The exterior landscape will help set the tone of one's personality, soften walkways and entryways, and will give balance and symmetry to a home and business' facade.
shashie designs invites you to reach out through the studio email or by phone - 732.895.1854, to discuss how to fulfill your floral and botanical needs.